What is a "Missed Ring" and does it matter?

We have only recently installed our Ring Video Doorbell, and occasionally we are receiving “Missed Ring” messages. What do they mean? And if it matters, how can I fix it please?

Hi @smudger. A Missed Ring is when the Doorbell button is pressed, but you do not “answer” the notification on your Ring App to open the Live View and talk to whoever is at the door. It doesn’t indicate that anything is wrong, it simply means you didn’t answer the notification when someone pressed the Doorbell, so it doesn’t affect the performance or anything. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

I have begun getting the “missed ring” message, however I also don’t get the ring tone (ring alert) when someone walks by my home. Any suggestions??

And when I click on “motion warning” I get the following message: "An error occurred trying to perform the operaition. Try again later.

Any suggestions???