What does rapid blinking mean

Tried to connect a chime for 3 hours and failed over and over. Blinks slowly then flickers for a bit then flickers some more. Is this a lemon?

Hey @Hotwire. The Chime will be blinking when it’s in the setup mode. Once in setup mode, you will go into the Ring app and inside the main menu, click on “Set up a Device.” From there the app should connect to the network the device is broadcasting, and then connect to your wifi after.

At what point in the setup are you running into a concern with it not connecting? Attaching a screenshot of where this is at will help out tremendously, and in addition, you can always give the Chime a reset to see if it helps with the next setup! For this, you will hold down the button on the side (if there is no button, insert a paperclip into the hole on the side), while the device is plugged in, and for about 30 seconds. After this, try another setup and let me know how it goes!