What Can I Do About My Cloudy Lens Picture?

The plastic in front of the lens (that protects it from the elements I guess?) is cloudy like the plastic part of your head light gets cloudy. NOT condensation…NOT moisture. Sun-baked in SWFL all day. Are there replacement parts? Can I buff it like you buff your head light? Can’t figure out how to load pictures on here… But the before and Afters are horrible!! Please help?!

Hi @BrenNDen1999. The protective film on the Doorbell lens is intended to be removed at the time of installation. If this was left on, it’s possible it has melted onto the lens and could be causing the cloudiness you’re seeing. Try wiping off the lens with a dry microfiber cloth. If that doesn’t remove the cloudiness, you can dilute some isopropyl alcohol with equal parts water and use a small amount of that on the cloth to try and gently clean the lens. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest getting in touch with our support team to see what other solutions are available.

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