What are your delay settings for entry/exit on alarm sensors in each mode?

Hi All! I tinkered with my alarm entry/exit delays for each mode and now I can’t recall what the default settings were. Either way, wanted to know what delay settings you all choose to set for each mode. I’m not sure what makes sense for entry/exit in home mode as I presume nobody would be entering or exiting during that time??

HI @swagoner94. I use a 30 second Entry Delay. The default 60 seconds is just a bit too long for me. I also have no Exit Delay, because I usually use the Ring app to Arm the Ring Alarm as I’m leaving the driveway and everyone is in the car. You can learn more about these features here!

Good question.
So, if your entry delay is set to 60 seconds and you have no motion sensors, someone can kick open the door, enter and walk around for 60 seconds before an alarm sounds? I can walk in, head upstairs, take the jewelry box and leave before there’s an alarm.
A delay is nice but shorter is better I would think?