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Welcome to the UK topics board! We’ve created this board specifically for our users located in the UK, so we can share exciting announcements, news and more. If you’re in the UK, we’d like to welcome you to share your questions, concerns, or start new conversations here, so others can chime in. As always, let us know of any feedback you have!


I think I would prefer to have just one integrated commnitry board globally as we can share feedback and see what our global neighbours are experiencing.

Recognise you release a lot of the features to North America first. But the UK wants those features as well. e.g. the US website dashboard, the black version of the stick up cam etc


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Do you have a timeline of when Ring will be available for UK businesses?

I was looking over the packages and monitoring services available in the US and would be keen to know when this will be avialable for us.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @SerenityFire. We do not have an ETA at this time on when we will have Ring Alarm for Business in the UK available, but will make sure to post an update in the form of a new announcement in this board when we do. :slight_smile:

Hi, any ideas as to when V2 will be available in the UK

Hey @Street_Hawk. What V2 are you looking for? If you’re looking for the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation, you can find the link to purchase it here. :slight_smile: