Welcome the New Ring Indoor Cam to Your Ring of Security

The best part of Ring is the ability to be #AlwaysHome. I feel keeping an eye on the inside of my home is just as important as the outside, especially when I’m checking in on my furry friend, Oliver. The new Ring Indoor Cam allows me to know what he is doing while I’m at work and gives me the opportunity to tell my cat to keep up the good work when I catch him on the exercise wheel. This little cam is super affordable and includes these awesome features:

  • Up to 1080p HD video
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way Talk
  • Motion-activated Recording
  • Privacy features that enable you to disable motion and audio recording from the Ring app.
  • Indicator light that displays when the camera is recording.

Note: this cam is an indoor only security cam. Check out our new Stick Up Cam Elite if you would like something similar outside.

Let us now how you hope to add the Indoor Cam to your ‘Ring of Security’ in the comments below.


Great camera and love the price point. We installed one of these cameras for my toddler’s bedroom. We previously were using a Spotlight Cam in his room, which did work well, but was a bit overkill. Upon replacing out the Spotlight Cam with the Indoor Cam, my toddler noticed that when recording, a blue light turns on. This blue light, at night, has started to scare him and keep him awake.

As a user, I’m empowered to prevent the red, night vision light from turning on. I should also be able to prevent the blue recording light from turning on. I can understand why you’ve included the blue light, however in the case of a young child’s room, it’s doing more harm than good.

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Agree. I put a small piece of black tape over it to solve the issue for me.

Hi, it not clear what motion zone control this small cam and it’s larger siblings have (new stick up battery & Wired) ?

Glad you asked @Murray! The Indoor Cam feature customizable motion zones much like some of our other powered devices. This advanced motion detection allows you to draw up to 3 zones, as well as control the sensitivity.

The Stick Up Cam battery and the Stick Up Cam Plug-in both feature adjustable motion, where the zone range/ sensitivity can be altered, as well as frequency of detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Marley, so the New Stick cams (even when mains powered) do no have advanced Montion detection where the owner can draw up to 3 zones (masks) to control where on the image motion triggers a notification/recording?

  • Advanced Motion Detection: This system uses a camera for motion detection rather than the heat signatures used by the passive infrared sensors. It’s featured in all of Ring’s AC-powered products and is optimized for a fuller feature set and allows a greater degree of customization.

This is correct @Murray! As both the Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd gen) and Stick Up Cam Plug-in have the battery options, they both feature the adjustable motion detection method. This does not change due to the power source chosen to be through the power adapter, however, adding this power allows neighbors to really optimize their settings for best detection without the worry of battery drainage.

Oh dear… I was looking to recomend these new stick ups and purchase the little indoor cams(?), but “I am out”.

The IR motion detection is sub-par when compared to the image zones (advanced). All Rings main power cams have used Advanced detection to this point. Now with these new smaller models it seems it’s not the case. I understand the logical step to have a single cam design with 3 power options, but the loss of the Advances motion detection of a mains powered cam is a backwards step.

And the best feature is NO geofencing. So you can have the joy of manually enabling and disabling every time you come and go if you prefer not to be recorded while you are home.