Welcome neighbor! Please introduce yourself

Welcome to the Ring Community, @Tod! :grinning:

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Hi, I’m David. I have just bought first Ring product, doorbell. I intend to add Ring products. Next purchase will be an outside wall mounted security cam. What is maximum distance from my home that i can mount this please?

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Hi @David1444. Welcome to the Ring Community! You can always look around in our Security Cams board for questions specifically related to our Security Cameras. Typically you do want to keep the distance around no more than 20 feet from your router to ensure a good connection. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, my name is Rod.

My experience with Ring devices

I am very new to Ring devices. I bought a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 less than 2 weeks ago. This is the first Ring device I’ve ever owned.

Fun fact about myself

I’m a long time fan of the BBC TV series, Doctor Who

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Welcome to the Community @RodAtHome :slight_smile:

What a great way to start your Ring experience with a Doorbell Pro 2. I also have this device, it’s great!

Feel free to share experiences or ask any questions you need answers to in our Video Doorbells board. Thanks for joining the Ring Community and being a great neighbor!

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Thanks for the welcome. I am Ken on Far West Blvd , Austin

Hi I am martha from Belfast

Hello :wave:t5:, Tamica from Los Angeles, CA.

I just purchased and installed my first ring product. The 14-piece home alarm system from Costco. Working from home now, didn’t see the need to continue paying $80 per month for monitoring that hasn’t been fully utilized in the past three years.

The 14-piece ring home alarm system was very easy to setup. The Costco version slightly differs from the ring.com version, 1 key pad, a CO/smoke monitor and a stick up Cam. This option worked great for me.

Can’t wait to add the ring doorbell.

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So glad you found a bundle that fit your home needs, @TamsHome. :slight_smile:

There are so many great features that become available when combining Ring products and devices. The Community is always here to help along the way, and to hear about your experiences.


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Hello neighbors! My name is Steven. I live in Austin Texas and just getting started with familiarizing myself with the Ring Community app " Neighbors" and its very useful features for keeping communities connected, safer and more secure. Currently I have a wired security video system (Lorex 4K, smart deterrence, night vision etc) but Im also a new Ring video doorbell owner and I believe in my neighborhood , from my personal observation, Ring is arguable the most widely used/popular security camera doorbell in use however its utility, for home security, community safety etc is magnified when Neighbors are connected and working together especially during times of local or national emergencies and Natural Disasters, and public safety etc. More to share, but I think this will be a tremendous value-add to our new Parkside 360 Committee.


Hello……my name is Jerry


Hi im Liz in the new haven area single parent mother of 6, 5 boys 1 girl thank you for having me in your neighborhood God Bless you all.


Welcome to the Ring Community, neighbors! We’re happy to have you here and hope you’re enjoying your Ring devices and the peace of mind they provide. :slight_smile:

Hi, Tony from Wokingham, UK here. I have a few Ring devices now and I’m slowly trying to work out how to customise the modes, etc… I’m looking forward to using and contributing to the Community.

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Thanks for the update

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I’m Merrilee. I’m fairly new to Ring and I’m not very happy. I’ve spent over $1,000 on my Ring devices. I don’t love smartphones and prefer to use a standard computer unless I’m away from home. Ring’s website (theoretically full-functioning) doesn’t have full functionality and that is just ridiculous. Today I had to use the app instead of my computer to enter my police permit #. I actually had to call support to figure out how to do this, also ridiculous. The website should offer this option (it doesn’t) and every other option available in the app. My approach to computer use is that EVERYTHING should be intuitive and easily figured out by the average user. Ring FAILS MISERABLY.

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Hello all,
I just moved in the neighborhood and would like to introduce myself. First I must say, I’m new to Ring. I’ve had knockoff doorbells but, Ring is incredible for the short I’ve had it and learning how to use it. I’m a young 64 year old male that is disabled due to bone cancer and more but, I don’t comply. I just say that because people don’t like to ask. I have a 35 lb. service dog that a lot of people can’t believe what he can do. I’m not sure what I should say so, please tell me what to do and say. I’m a new Ring 4 Bell and learning that. I’d like to hear from anyone that can tell me what I should do here.
Thanks All,
Mark (151957)
P.S. hope I remembered that right. Don’t be afraid to be blunt and educate me. :grinning:
Nope, it’s 195715 sorry


Hi. I have a ring door bell and a 2nd gen stick up camera I’m struggling to get the best out of them at the moment, hoping I can resolve my problem on this forum

Hi everyone.
This Dave from West Wales in the UK.

Had a Ring doorbell for ages then decided to beef up security in our home. Within a few weeks
I now have the following:

1 x Floodlight cam pro
2 x Spotlight can wired
3 x Stickup cam battery
1 x Alarm system
1 x Siren
Numerous contact sensors and motion detectors
2 x keypads.

Bank account is looking a bit hammered but I am well happy to be more secure.