Welcome neighbor! Please introduce yourself

Hello everyone I am Leslie from N.Y… I recently bought 2 ring cameras for outside. I am 57yrs old but still the baby of 6 lol. The cameras make my sister’s very happy and I have 2 big dogs as backup lol. I am not tech savvy whatsoever so I thank you all in advance for helping me learn and navigate this system. I hope you all are safe and I hope you have a glorious day.

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Hi All! I’m Andrew, and new to community. I’ve had a Ring floodlight for years, and have dabbled in home automation on Smartthings and now Hubitat Elevation (as well as Alexa). I recently picked up the Ring Alarm and some more cameras, and with it’s Z-wave integration, I’m wondering if I still need HE… If anyone has advice I’d love to hear it.

One really cool aspect of having a new floodlight cam out back, was that I was playing ball with my boys, and there were 2 very close plays! The boys were arguing who was safe/out and I went to the booth for video review! We actually were able to zoom in to see who was safe, and got a good laugh out of it! :slight_smile:


First time Ring owner. Just have the door bell unit
Will see how it goes.

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Hello! Please to be part of the Ring network of security products. It’s been an awesome journey so far for last 1.5 years!


My name is user178B. Retired . Veteran USN/USMC. Thanks for the welcome

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Hi iam Joanne First time user of ring. Have door bell and two camerers So far i really like it


Hi, I am Trevor. I have just purchased a Ring Video Doorbell4. My first Ring product. I do have a problem I want to ask to help me resolve the problem.

The only place I can fit the doorbell is approx. 66 inches from the floor. What is my solution to this not being able to fit 48 inches from the floor? Is it a wedge? If so where is the best place to buy one.

Thanks for any help I hope I receive.


Hello from California.

New to Ring. Bought the Ring Doorbell 2020. Looking forward to installing this weekend.

Hello, had my first Ring device installed yesterday. So far it is working okay. The only problem we are having is getting it to accept another user who lives in the house. Will see if I can find an answer on the boards here. It would sure be nice if a Ring employee on this site would post a link for me.

Hello! I am new to the Ring. Finally got my family on board💜 Scared about how to do all this because I am not very technologically savvy however so far I am getting things together we got the front and back door set up and waiting till a day it is not raining to set up the one in the driveway😁. I am super impressed with the quality of the video and the zoom feature. Not sure how to get the subscription which came with the purchase on but I am still trying to find how everything works. Looking forward to any tips to make my life easier.

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Hi, Chris from Southampton here, just purchased video doorbell pro and hope to install it tomorrow, just wondering where the best place is to ask about a wiring concern beforehand

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Welcome neighbors! We’re happy to have you here. :slight_smile:

The Community is full of helping neighbors and Community team members. Feel free to search the other boards around the Community, and especially those specific to your Ring devices (Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, etc.). Searching will give you a chance to stumble upon a thread that answers all your questions.

If not, you are always welcome to make a new post of your own with any questions, feedback, or experience to share.

Hi, I have been a subscriber to Ring for over a year. I have been a member of this forum for nearly as long. Why can’t I post new topics or reply to a single topic with more than a couple of comments?

The assessibility of this forum and of the new ring web app are huge concerns of mine, but I have been unable to get any answers on what is happening for the disabled community so that they can continue to use your products.

Hey Joey, first time on this community app. My name is Jose, but I sign as Jose USMC. I live in the foothills of Sonora/Jamestown CA. We also started with the Ring Doorbell at its inception, and have been growing with Ring ever since. Although We live in a great community, with very little crime, you always want to be extra careful guarding your Family and your Home. I’m a Vietnam Vet and suffered from PTSD, so I was up most of the night checking doors, windows etc. I was driving my wife crazy with this routine. After we tried Ring doorbell, she was more at ease and I started to calm down about the security. as soon as the stickup cam came out, I installed it in front of garage, and it was great. Then came the Floodlight Cam. and it was a game changer. I have two, plus two flood lights with motion sensing. I also put a stickup cam under my Deck, facing crawlspace door. Last but not least, we installed the whole home security system with 24/7/365 monitoring. Sorry for going on and on, but it’s one of my faults(says my wife). Oh, I almost forgot, these cameras and sensors are all coordinated with my Alexa Smart Home Devices. So, now My Wife and I sleep, Travel, and enjoy our life with Total confidence that Our Home if Safe…Thanks to Ring Alarms, Highly recommend and have installed at some of our neighbors Homes. Jose USMC

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Just call Ring , and ask for Tech Support, they are very friendly and knowledgeable.
1-8006561918 or 833-2092159

Just call Ring, they will send several wedges for free. I had the same problem…

Hey, I’m Shinetha Taylor and I’ve had My ring doorbell camera for awhile now, but just getting it connected to the internet, I’m excited to know that my property will be monitored, while I’m home and away, So I’m looking forward to a part of the ring neighborhood.

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Hello, new to ring products and wondering if there is a real peep hole camera not the one I see in the products section but a real small peep hole camera like a normal peep hole size but with a display on the inside and can be a part of the ring products? All I see is the huge brick that sits on the exterior of the door. that seems hideous and unnecessary when there are the correct style of cameras on the market. it would be nice to have one of the small types that are made by Ring. Any ideas if this is in development or already on the market?

Hi everyone. I am new to ring. Doorbell4 fitted yesterday. One question if anyone can help. Sometimes the camera does not tell me about activity and also there has been a couple of times when the bell was pressed my app on my home never told me. Outside though the bell rang. The app also sometimes has problems connecting to the doorbell camera. Does anyone have any ideas about this problem? Thanks in advance.