Website Error after login

I can no longer login to website. I enter my login details & 2FA and when the page loads I see this instead of account/camera info.

I have tried deleting cache & cookie for domain and have the same issue.

I am using Firefox latest… coded due to only being able to attach one image.

I can use the android app without problems.

Hi @Gavo34. Are you using a VPN on your computer? if you are, make sure to disable the VPN as the Ring app and Ring website do not support the use of VPNs. You can also try using a different web browser to see if this same error persists across different web browsers, or if it is isolated to Firefox.

I am not using a VPN, my IP is fixed ISP one.

Login worked with Chrome, I tried Firefox incognito (0 plugins enabled) and still the same error.

Its a shame your site is not currently compatable with FireFox, I will try another time.

Here is FireFox console log of requests when logging into /account/ maybe it’s a cloudfront problem.
console-export - 0028ab49

I just logged with Firefox just fine, so that’s not the reason.