Web live view on laptop

I have a new Ring indoor camera. I have linked it to my phone and iPad and it works really great. I use the web site to see the live view on my desktop computer, and that works really well. But my HP laptop is a different story. When I try to bring up the live view on the web site it fails. I have disabled the VPN although there is a working VPN on the desktop and it is not a problem. I have made sure I was using the same browser with the same settings as the desktop. I tried using wired internet and wireless. Tomorrow I may put the computer in safe mode and see what happens. There is something in this HP that the Ring web site doesn’t like and I spent most of today trying to figure it out. I might be an ad blockers but that is turned off in the browser I am using. I’m missing something for sure. Firewall, anti virus? No errors pop up when the live view fails, except “try again”.