Web Bug: Devices appear in Ring Android app, but not on Ring.com

I set up my bridge and mailbox sensor using the app and had no problems. The mailbox sensor shows up under lights, which is weird, but I can access the device.

However, I am getting errors on Ring.com. When I navigate to the devices tab (when the tab works), nothing shows up. A window appears with the message “Errors fetching device information”. I am expecting to see my bridge and mailbox sensor. I can see the event history from the mailbox sensor online, but nothing else.

Note: I have tried multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, edge) with the same error

Does anyone know where I can submit a bug report/ticket or get this in front of the right team?

Reach out to Support (https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/213608406-Contact-Us) to report any issues.
Be forewarned, wait times are long.

Yeah, they gave me the standard troubleshooting runaround and a number to call. Its some frontend issue and I am not going to wait on hold forever to file a bug report.

I think I may just have to find another solution other then Ring.

Hi @binarybird. I can certainly pass this feedback along to the appropriate team. I’ll need some information first. Are you using a VPN? If possible, try hooking your computer up to a WiFi hotspot or different network and seeing if there is still an error. Or, if you have a tablet with cellular data, try viewing it from there. After that, I can pass this information along to be looked into. Thank you!

Hello! I am not using a VPN. I get the same issue on my cellphone both on and off cell data.

Hi @binarybird. Currently, Ring Smart Lights are not supported on Ring.com. As always, we’re continuing to work on improving your experience with Ring and if this information changes, we’ll be sure to post this in the Updates section of the Ring community. Thank you for your feedback and continued support, neighbor. :slightly_smiling_face:

and be forewarned they wont do anything, to even fix a blatant bug.

Currently, and probably never. How do you not have all devices accessible from Ring.com ??? Kill off the Windows app, leave gaping holes on Ring.com, jesus.

If users don’t report an issue in the proper place how do Ring developers know there’s an issue to be fixed? ESP?

Good luck!

Except people report issues, via multiple mediums, Ring ignores, and there is clear evidence of them going back months, 6 months, years, whatever. I have had my own personal experiences handing over issues/bugs to Ring on silver platter, and being ignored.