Weatherproof-ness of cameras

I’m considering mounting a spotlight cam and solar panel on a light post in front of my house, facing the house, so I can get a full view of the front (I’ve already verified that my wifi will work there).

This camera will be fully exposed to the elements - 110°, ice, rain, etc. How weatherproof are these cameras? Do they mind occasional bouts of torrential rains?

Good question @jkyoung ! Our outdoor devices are weather-resistant, meaning they will work in most outdoor conditions and will operate in temperatures between -5 to 120 degress farenheit (-20.5 to 48.5 degrees celcius). Like most other electronic or outdoor IOT devices, it’s best to avoid having the Cam inundated with water. If extreme weather conditions are common in your area, we recommend also looking into a cover to place over the Spotlight Cam.

One of my wired Spotlight CAMs recently had water enter the camera after fairly heavy rain with high winds. The water condensed on the inside, in front of the lense. I brought the camera inside and attempted to dry it out by intermitently heating it with a blow dryer. I was able to get some of the water out, but, after working on it for over a week, it still has some water that shows up as droplets inside on the bottom sensor. I have not had it condense in front of the lense again. I chatted with Ring support and they gave me a 50% discount code to replace the camera, which I have done. They said that the water most likely entered through the bottom. I installed the old camera at my daughter’s home and it has been working fine. It still does have some droplets inside the bottom. We are starting to see winter weather and I will be monitoring the old camera. I recommend getting a cover for the camera. They are $11.95 on Amazon. I put one on the replacement camera and also sealed it with silicone caulk around the bottom.