We want to Witch you a Happy Halloween

It’s officially October! Besides the usual Halloween candy (mostly for myself) and hitting the pumpkin patch, I’ll be making sure my place is secure with my Ring devices so I don’t miss a trick OR a treat.

There are a few things I’m excited to introduce this year. In the past, during October, I’ve updated my Chime with the ‘Ghosts’ tone. This year, Ring is excited to announce our special Addam’s Family Chime Tone, which I’ve already set for both my Chime Pro and my App Tone*. Wednesday was my favorite growing up and always will be! I’m also looking forward to the new animated version of THE ADDAMS FAMILY, which is in theaters starting October 11.

Another exciting accessory I’ll be adding to my lineup this year is our new themedVideo Doorbell 2 faceplates. Personally, I’ll be replacing my silver faceplate with the spooky spider webs. It will go perfect with all the fake cobwebs I have up front, some may be real. These limited time faceplates are the easiest way to get your Doorbell in the spirit for all the witches and werewolves you’ll be greeting at the door.

Now that I have my Doorbell in costume and my alerts all set, I’ll also be making sure my batteries are fully charged and motion settings are exactly how I want them so I won’t miss a thing. Be sure to check out our Ring Blog post, that shares the top 5 tips to get your home and neighborhood ready for Halloween.

Comment below with how you’re getting your home secure this holiday season!

*Please note, App Tones is only available for iOS.

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Hope you come out with this for the Pro also.


This is the 2nd year in a row that my Ring Network crashed (doorbell and 2 security cam) and did not work. The disappointing part is that Halloween is the single busiest day of the year for our doorbell.

I contracted Tech support each year. Last year I was told that Ring had a network problem. This year I was told there were no corp server issues. However, the tech support team was not able to help me reconfigure the devices to my home network becuase the device is not publishing to my local WiFi as we tried to Configure a New Device.

It’s too coincidental that the system crashed on Halloween 2 years in a row. Futher, the fact that the devices do not publish a local network to my WiFi indicates a bug in the Ring device.

I tried, and failed for the same reason, to reconnect again today.

Sorry to hear about this @Pete-S! I can assure you we had no outages or outage reports for 10/31. If these concerns are persisting, it might be related to something else.

While I see you’ve contacted support already, devices repeatedly failing to setup might require some in depth troubleshooting. Our support team should be able to assist with this, at 800-656-1918. Feel free to update us with the solution! :slight_smile:

Halloween is over! When will you bring on the Jingle Bells and Christmas Ring alerts?


I downloaded the Addams family ring tone for my ring doorbell camera but now I cannot change it to anything else. It’s almost Christmas and I still have the Addams Family! Help!

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Hey @SusW! This can be done through Alert Settings in the Ring app. In the Ring app, try the following:

  1. Tap the menu (top left) on Ring app home screen/ dashboard.
  2. Select Devices
  3. Select the device you want to change the tone for
  4. On the device page, select Device Settings
  5. Select Alert Settings
  6. Then select App Alert Tones

Here you should have a list of tones to choose from, and selecting one will save the tone for use. If this method is not working as expected, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your mobile device to see if this improves. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Well gee!!! DUH!!! I kept going to the doorbell and changing the chime and it would not work!!! Thank YOU so very much!

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I received the “seasonal” ringtones on my 5-year-old Samsung tablet, but I cannot get them on my 1-year-old LG phone. Why can’t I get them, on my phone?

Yes, I have the app on both devices.

Hey @richmanitoba! If you are receiving them on one device and not the other, there may be an app update available for the LG model. I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app on that mobile device first, then check for any Android updates if that does not resolve your concerns.

With the Samsung device showing these options, if the above does not result in those alert tone options it may be best to compare devices and see if any settings or differences in models might cause this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Are the ring tones only available for ios? If so, is there any idea if android will follow suit?

That’s not what happens in my app. I only get the option to link a new Ring Chime and a link to “shop now” ?