Want to hard wire for a new db pro


new to Ring, i just installed 2 db pros at the house replacing 2 existing doorbells.
i would like to add 2 more, one to the deck and one to the basement door. There are no existing doorbells. I would prefer not to use battery run bells, being in maine, i do not know how they would hold up in the cold weather.

Is there another way? Or would i get an electrician to wire for doorbells install a doorbell transformer and then install the ring pros?

Ps. Great products! I only got 1 pro installed, waiting on a wedge for the 2nd one, but thoroughly impressed so far!

Hi @Jxp6262. Happy to hear you are liking the products! You can definitely wire the Doorbell Pro directly to a transformer. This is like bypassing your internal doorbell, which you can learn more about here. The wiring will look a lot like how this Help Center Article has it here, if you click on that link and then look at the diagram for “Direct To Transformer.” Please note that diagram is showing two Pros, but it works for you since you want to install 2 more! I recommend contacting a local electrician as well, who with these resources, should be able to do the job for you. :slight_smile:

Feel free to come back and share how this goes!