Voice notifications : not correct in french

Hi ! (sorry for my bad English, I usually speak french)
I found a language problem in the voice notification.

In “away” mode, after entery code, Ring say (in french) : “The exit delay has started!” : CORRECT !

In “home” mode, after entery code, Ring say the same ! : “The exit delay has started!” NOT CORRECT
…and not something like : “the home mode has started”.

Are RING staff members present on the forum?
How can I report this bug ?

Thank you :wink:

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Do you by chance have a exit delay set for Home Mode? You can check this by visiting the Menu in the Ring app > Settings > Modes > Home > Exit Delay.

With 0s exit delay, arming in Home Mode says "Home and armed”. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You’re right, thank you, it work :wink:

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