Visual Guide to the Ring App

At the center of controlling and accessing your Ring device, is the Ring App (iOS | Android). To get the most out of your Ring experience, we’ve created this visual walkthrough on using the Ring App.

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The Dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when your Ring app opens up, let’s start there.

Ring App Visual Guide

Utility Bar: Main Menu, Alarm Modes, (more)...
  • Main Menu: This three-lined icon is located in the upper-left corner of the app. Tapping it will open the side menu.
  • Locations: Lets you to navigate between locations or confirm the current location being viewed. Will also display in the Main Menu.
  • Global Snooze: This moon icon will allow you to snooze motion alerts for all of your cameras for a selected amount of time.
  • SOS Button: If you have Ring Alarm, this offers those with a compatible Ring subscription and enrolled in professional monitoring an additional way to request immediate assistance in an emergency situation.
  • Ring Alarm Modes: If you have Ring Alarm, an extension to your Utility Bar will display the current mode and allow you to switch between modes.
Main Tiles: Shortcuts, Camera Previews, (more)...
  • Shortcut tiles: At the top of the screen and can be re-organized using the “Edit” tile.

  • Camera Previews: Image previews from your Ring Cams or Doorbells that you can tap for quick access to Live View or the Event History Timeline.

  • Discover section to highlight new features available to you.

  • Set Up a Device: This is an easy-access tile for setting up a new Ring device.

Ring App Visual Guide

Locations, Dashboard, Neighbors, Devices.
  • Locations: Tap the Location name in the upper-left hand corner of the screen to view all and choose between your Locations (not pictured).
  • Dashboard: Tap this option to return to the Dashboard.
  • Neighbors: This opens your Neighbors feed, detailing all of the real-time crime and safety events in your selected area.
  • Devices: Tap this to see a list of every device set up at this location, including Ring Alarm, Smart Lighting, Chime devices and more.
History: View your Ring device History.
  • Device tabs: The top of the History page is where you can choose to view events from your Ring Cameras, Alarm, or Smart Lighting devices
  • Cameras tab: When viewing this tab you can tap the icons to view all events or specific event types (i.e. ring, motion, Live View, and starred)
  • Saved Events: When subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan, tap on any saved event listing to view the associated recording.
  • Sharing and Downloading Events: When subscribed to Ring Protect Plan, you can share or download videos that are important.
Settings: View your General and Location Settings.
  • General Settings: Change your Location’s name, address, and Ring Alarm Monitoring type.

  • Location Settings: Change settings such as Alarm Modes, Alerts, Shared Access, and more.

    • Modes: Here you can change which components are monitored, Sensor chirps, and Entry/Exit delays.
    • Mode Scheduling: Allows you to arm and disarm your Alarm via schedules.
    • Geofence: Configure your Geofence for Auto-Snooze or Alarm Mode reminders here.
    • Shortcuts: Manage the Shortcuts tiles that appear on the Ring App Dashboard.
    • Alarm Alerts: Choose between push notification and email notification types, as well as toggle Emergency Alerts in do not disturb mode.
    • Shared Access: Decide who has access to your devices and how much control they have over your system.
    • Neighbors Settings: Adjust alert and post preferences.

Setup A Device: Setup a new device in the Ring app.

Account: Account Settings, Control Center, (more)...
  • Account Settings: From here you can change the name, phone number or password of the app’s account owner.
  • Control Center: Access Account Management, Control, and Privacy options.
    • Account Control: Access Account Management, Account Verification, Authorized Client Devices (other devices that are logged in), Amazon Account Linking, Linked Accounts, Shared Users, Video Management, and Video Encryption options.
    • Community Control: Access Public Safety , Neighbors in Ring App display, and Amazon Sidewalk options.
    • Privacy Information: Review and manage General Privacy, Third Party Service Providers, Public Safety Agency Privacy, and Manage Your Data options.
    • Help: This section helps you access our Customer Support team and view details on Software Security Updates.
  • What’s New: How Ring informs neighbors of new features added to Ring devices or the Ring app. Will display a pop up the first time you open the Ring app after a new feature is released.
  • Shop Deals: A quick way to view of any current deals.
  • Invite Neighbors: Allows you to share a link that will invite your friends, family, and neighbors to the Neighbors app.
  • Help: Quickly access external links to Help Center and Community Support here.

Ring App Version: Number displayed at bottom of Side Menu

Can’t forget about the Rapid Ring app and Ring Web app!

  • The Rapid Ring app is designed for the quickest access to live view, through an app dedicated to just that.
  • The Ring Web app allows you to log in at via web browser, and access tons of options for your Ring devices and account.

There are many more areas of the Ring app, which can differ and expand based on the Ring devices you own. For assistance with specific devices in the Ring App, search our Help Center or this Community for more great tips.

Check out our visual guide to get the most out fo your Ring app! :slight_smile:

Check out our visual guide to get the most out fo your Ring app! :slight_smile: