View multiple cameras simultaneously

Being able to view all cameras in live view all on one screen, like alot of nvr and dvr do. Selecting view of 1, 4, 9, 12, 16 cameras all show at once with option s of having addition screen that display one big screen and few little screen view of the ring cameras … Live view on one monitor would be an awesome to the ring service. Ring is very nice system but need this feature to make it more like a dvr/nvr system that can also be displayed on the screen as well other devices. Thanks


We just replaced our 12 year old security camera system with 4 Ring cameras. I guess I shouild have done a little more research because this SUCKS being able to view only ONE camera at a time. I should have just bought the same system I had last time for a few dollars MORE!! At least I could see ALL 4 cameras on ONE screen. i will NOT reccomend Ring cameras to Anyone until this issue is fixed and abd we can see ALL 4 Cameras on one screen!!!

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Agreed, the multiple live camera view is a MUST for any cam system these days. It makes consumers go for that option more often than not!

This has been a top request for a very long time. WHY can this not be accomplished?

Ring this is a must have. You will lose customers if this is not sorted out quickly.

Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. If there is or isn’t something in the works you should at least let your customers know.