View history in a Grid Format

I would like to have the ability to see history of events in a Grid format with a sample of the event that triggered the recording. Instead, I have to review each event to find what I am looking for.

If you have a product or feature suggestion they go here Feature Request Board - Ring Community. Search first to see if someone else has already posted your suggestion and vote on it. If there’s none create your own.
If by change your suggestion receives enough votes Ring might (big might) consider it for the future.
Be aware Ring will never pre-announce what features or products they are working on.


Hi @pjackson4919. If you add your suggestion to our Feature Request board, make sure to share your post in a reply here so other neighbors can easily find it. In the meantime, have you explored the Event History Timeline? The Event History timeline works by placing icons on a timeline that lets you know when certain events have happened.

Those events can be:

  • Live Views.
  • Motion Events.
  • Person Detected.
  • Answered Rings (doorbells).
  • Missed Rings (doorbells).
  • Linked Device Events.

Snapshot Capture is a feature where you can see images that are recorded periodically (if you have a Ring Protect plan). To find out more about Snapshot Capture, click here. :slight_smile:

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