videos recorded between alerts

Using ring stick-up cameras. Noticed something went missing in my garage. Went to check the recorded footage to find out that there is a 12 hour window that wasn’t recorded. We have video that the item is there in the moring and then another video 12 hours later that shows that the item was gone. There was no motion alert at all. The videos that we have are from us looking at the live views at those times. Was wondering if the Ring cams record videos in between alerts or continously through out the day? and if so, how to request that footage?

Hey @Yoda64. The Ring cameras will only record events when the motion events trigger the camera to turn on, as well as whenever you go to the Live View yourself. If you find that your camera is going long periods of time without picking up motion, it may be best to try to trigger an event yourself to ensure the device is functioning. If you find that the device picks you up, then it’s best to assume there was no activity on the camera during this long period of time in between. If the camera is not picking you up, please let me know and I can help you troubleshoot further.

Lastly, what kind of Stick Up Cam do you have? I only ask because we do have the Snapshot Capture feature, which you can learn more about here, but the Stick Up Cam 3rd Generation device does not have this feature quite yet at this time, but should before the end of the year. Let me know!