Videos deleted after trial expired

Can it be correct that a user cannot view prior videos once the trial Ring Protect has ended, even though the user signs up for the plan once advised of the expiry? I get an error “There was an error retrieving this video. Please try again later” on all alerts prior to signing up.

Good question @Bumpydog! As long as you remain subscribed, your recordings will be available for 60 days. If there is any lapse in subscription, such as trial period ending and subscribing afterwards, those videos would not be saved. If you feel you subscribed on time and while the trial was still active, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device.

Our support team is available to look into this further for you, if the above does not resolve your concerns. :slight_smile:

As stated above, I subscribed after being told the trial had expired, so I guess they are gone. It’s no big deal, but at least I know now.

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Similarly I had a paid annual basic plan that recently expired. My credit card had expired and my account autorenew failed. I did not catch this until after the fact. I have since renewed but can not view any old recordings. Are all of my old recordings recoverable? Right now I get the same, error…try later message.