Video recording

I let my free video recording lapse and would like to get signed up for this feature?

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I just had an unpleasant surprise. I have Ring Doorbell which is on an auto-renew subscription and a Ring Security Camera/Light that was free for one year. I did not renew that quickly enough and found that ALL of the previous videos are now not accessible. Apparently there is only a 15-minute grace period before losing everything (according to the support person I just “chatted” with. Seems ridiculous but something to keep in mind if you want access to previous vidoes.

It only saves for 60 days in the US. 30 days in other places. Just to add.

Yes I was aware it was 60 days but still hadn’t figured on losing any of the previous 60 days just because I took an extra few hours to renew from the first year free.

Sadly, it’s most likely just automatically done after a certain time frame. I’d be nice if you received a warning a day or so before.