Video quality issues

My doorbell has started to show poor quality videos with lots of pink and green areas showing in the video,

I have hard reset it multiple times and I can hear the night vision clicking on and off depending if it’s dark or not so I don’t think it’s stuck in night vision

Any help appreciated,


@Cris-ness How old is the doorbell and does it face into the sun most of the day?

Hi @Cris-ness. In addition to @bemak187s questions, what is the RSSI for the Doorbell? Also, do you have the Color Night Vision turned on for your Doorbell? This can be found in the Video Settings of the Ring app.

@Cris-ness Yes good to find out what the RSSI is and if the device has colour night vision as Tom said try disabling it. Just from your posted image I am thinking the doorbell has probably been up for a few years and it looks to be facing the sun in that image. I have a feeling the sun has over time basically cooked the camera sensor.

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