Video Playback Slider Broken in iOS

Same problem. Come on, Ring, please fix this!

In addition to the slider stopping, when manually moving the slider with my finger to fast forward, the beginning of the video repeats.

Therefore, you can’t tell whether something has happened twice, or it’s just a defect in the video playback.

Whenever I play back a video from the history, the scrub bar at the top (to move back and forth along the video position) gets stuck at around 2 seconds. The video plays and the time counts, but the white dot cursor gets stuck. This makes it non-functional when trying to select a position in the play back. Does anyone else have this issue? I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, but with no success.

Just updated my app yesterday and the issue appears to be fixed now.

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Last update was July 2 and still no fix. I do not see a later update in App Store.

I just updated my iOS app (version 5.28.0) this morning and it is fixed. Thanks!

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Just updated app to 5.28 and now works. Thank You Ring

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This issue seems to have returned!

My playback slider isn’t there.