Video playback not available for files recorded pre-subscription

Hi. Had two indoor Ring cams for just over a month now, and was using the 30 days trial subscription. The lapsed for a few days, and today I signed up for an annual plan. I have subsequently discovered that I am unable to play back any videos recorded prior to today. I can see them in the list, but they dont play back, I just get a message saying “There was an error retrieving this video, please try again later”. I have notcied that any videos recorded subsequent to taking out the paid plan do work, so clearly there is some kind of access issue going on.

Any ideas?

Hi @DevonBen. Happy to clear this up for you! Whenever there is not a plan active to cover the storage of the videos, the videos are removed and inaccessible. Once there is a plan active again, the videos are already removed and therefore are no longer available. You will need to ensure you have an active plan at all times or have saved any videos that may be lost during a lapse. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!