Video playback aborted

I sent a video link to my husband and my son - both can view it

I sent the link to a neighbor, and he gets this error

Error: Video playback was aborted

I can still view the video using this link I sent him

Hi @bmiller! I was also able to click the link you provided, and was amazed to see what you captured on camera. Definitely look both ways when leaving the house!

This link should not result in error, as it is working for myself and your household. When sharing a video from the Ring app, there will also be a download option. Downloading will allow you to save this video externally from the Ring app, and then share that file if you wish.

If your friend is still receiving this error, have them try another browser or device. Otherwise, downloading might be the best bet. Thank you for sharing, and feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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