Video (Peephole) / Backup SD / What happens if Internet goes down?

Hi All!

I am loving the Ring Peephole Camera. The only concern I have with this product (and seemingly all the other Ring Cameras), is there is no backup in the event WiFi goes down at my home. I mean, yes, having a camera on my door is a deterrent, but if the WiFi goes down, what is the point of having this?

Has anyone figured out another solution in the event that Wifi / Internet goes down at your home to record video? I’d really like to get one for the inside of my home as well, but am concerned there is no backup in the event the Internet crashes.



Hi @BWT20Racer! As most Ring devices are wifi enabled, they need wifi connection to operate. Even the PoE devices will need for your home network to be connected to Internet to operate. If you are concerned about power outage, some wifi routers feature a battery backup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I have my Internet on a Backup UPS that will last for hours if the power should go out.

What I am concerned with is, these devices do no record any motion or video if the Internet isn’t working, is that correct? So, if the Internet is down, this leaves a whole home without video no matter how many cameras you have in it. Am I correct in saying this?


@BWT20Racer Chiming in for Marley here! Since our devices are wifi enabled, you will need to make sure your internet is up and running at all times that you wish for your devices to be up and running. The devices need to be receiving power from being hardwired/battery operated and have a stable wifi connection at all times to be able to capture and record video. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile:

I hope some day y’all design a backup for the cameras in the event that Internet does goes down. :slight_smile:

All in all, I love my Ring Peephole Camera.


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