video on ring 2 not activating

my ring 2 door bell will not activate, the rssi is-34 so that is good . my back door ring works fine.

Hi @lwotruba. Have you tried giving your device a quick reboot? For the reboot, you will need to locate the setup button on the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Once you have this button in sight, press and hold it down for 30 seconds. From there, give it a couple minutes to reboot up, and then try to activate the Live View. If you are still unable to get it to activate, please attach a screenshot of the error message you get. Hope to hear back from you soon. :slight_smile:

I ried resetting it and i get a Streaming error

Hi @lwotruba, if you can, please reach out to our support team here. They will be able to look into this further for you to asses why the Live View is not working! Feel free to report back and let us know what they did for you.

Look at their reviews on the Apple Store or Google Play. The reviews have taken a dive over the last few months. They pushed out an update that is causing all kinds of glitches and issues and they haven’t been able to fix it.