Video on doorbell not showing in app

I have problems with my doorbell 1 st gen. I have been able to see video live view but for a very long time the view is just a black screen. Everytime I want to see live view it tells me to reconnect. But I am connected.
Signal strength RSSI - 49 and everything is up-to-date.
Can camera in doorbell be broken?
The ring is working, motion alert but no live view.

I am about to give up :slightly_frowning_face:

Any suggestions?

Hi @Flemming. If youโ€™re seeing a black screen on the Live View or any previous recordings, Iโ€™d recommend taking a look at our Help Center Article we have on the topic here. That article contains a lot of great troubleshooting steps to help narrow down what may be causing this to happen. I hope this helps out. :slight_smile: