"Video not available, a plan was not active" with active plan

I now have dozens of these on videos spread out over the past few weeks. Ring Pro. Do not see a similar issue. Anyone else seeing similar? Appears to be a serious product defect.

Hi @1kenthomas. Does this also happen on the mobile Ring app? Does this happen with every video, or just select videos? Lastly, do you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan for this device or do you have the Ring Protect Basic Plan? This information will give me additional insight! Thank you.

I was going to post the same issue but saw several existing threads all telling people to call for support. I called and support was not helpful.

They have a script to follow and wanted to check the app version on my phone, check for updates and then asked me to reboot my phone. I have the latest version on my phone and I had already stated I was not using my phone. I do almost all of my monitoring of Ring on my laptop. I only use my phone to interact with Ring occasionally when I am not home.

The error in the first post only displays when using the web interface. The Ring app and Windows app do nothing when clicking the video.

All of the videos before and after each time I have seen this error are OK, including videos from the same device minutes before or after the flagged video. The RSSI of the camera that recorded the flagged video today is -49. I have 6 cameras and a doorbell and have seen the error on more than one device. I have had the Protect Plus plan since 2018 with no gaps in coverage and earlier this month paid through July 2022.

In the end they gave up and will send me an e-mail to reply to if the issue happens again in the next week. I will check every video for the next week or so and make a note of any that display the error and send the info to the support team.

This appears to be a server side bug incorrectly marking videos as not having a paid or trial plan. I doubt any troubleshooting on the user side will correct it.

I’m experiencing the same issue over the last two days. where a few videos are not viewable, but all the rest are. I didn’t have a problem for several days beforehand. The only change I can think of is that I signed up for protect plus plan recently and it switched from trial to paid.