Video motion recording DATA (4G Internet vs land line)

Hi Team,

Ring cameras are being widely used around the planet. Cameras are even installed in very remote geographies where there is no land line Internet connection or very poor internet connectivity (Second homes in fantastic tropical islands…). I have few Ring cams installed in a remote area in South America through a 4G router, this works perfect however it consumes a lot of data and data is expensive in many countries. We would like to have the option to disable recording but keep motion detection AND alerts enabled!!! This is great to preserve data and limit the usage and cost. Pls do not force users to go for cams with local storage. We love the app and the device and dont mind to pay for the subscription but at least these kind if important features and flexibility should be there! In addition disable recording for live view should be there already by default!! Ring team you have many users around the world and not all countries are blessed or have the privilege with fast and cheap high speed internet, keep this in mind with your development team. Thanks guys, keep doing great work.