video length on spot light cam

I have just got the update where you can change the video length on you battery cams I have a ring door bell battery and changed the video length to 60secs no problem. I went into the app to do the same with my spot light came changed it to 60secs but it doesn’t change it still only records 20secs and ideas in the app you can change it from 15secs all the way to 120secs I have just ordered a solar panel but if I can’t change the video length to more then 20secs its no point having it

Hi @Kenney140! This looks like a possible combination of features in play here. The recording length likely took effect as intended, however, there is also a feature called motion stop. This feature automatically stops the recording after a Ring device starts detecting motion. The devices stop after 20 seconds for battery-operated devices even if physically installed as hardwired, and 60 seconds for hardwired devices without a battery option. This saves on battery life and data charges.

Check out our help center article about motion stop to learn more! :slight_smile: