Video: How to Group Your Ring Smart Lights

How do I completely delete all groups? I have one group that I want to delete, but the app says I have to move the devices to another group before deleting.

Also, I have a spotlight cam that continues to send notifications to a doorbell even though the devices are unlinked. Customer support response was this, “Moving forward, please do not to add anything to any kind of grouping at all to avoid the same issue in the future. Thank you again for your patience with the process.”

Please help!

Hi @rx35285, good question about grouping. Your Smart Light devices must be in a Group, so you will need to move those to another Group before you delete the one they are in. If you have a non Smart Light device in the Group, that can be removed from the Group without being placed in another. This Ring Help Center article has some more details about controlling your Groups.