Video freeze

I get a freeze where objects or people move towards the doorbell. I get the mailman approaching from afar and then again walking away but not when he is at the door. Same every day. If he lingers it is OK. Mine is WiFi connected. Fine for live view.

I get exactly the same thing. Every time. Makes this camera worthless.

another example

Hey @Bugbear and @ape! When a freeze frame occurs in a video, the first best thing to check is RSSI in Device Health as this is an indicator of signal strength. Check out our Community post on RSSI to see how well your device connecting.

If your RSSI looks optimal for video, I recommend checking things like distance from router, appliances that might be blocking signal, and even router age. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

RSSI seems fine.

RSSI seems to be working well. The Router is quite new and is situated close. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for that example @ape ! I see your Device Health shows voltage, indicating a Doorbell Pro. I recommend connecting this to the 2.4 Ghz if not already, as 5ghz is not the most dependable signal over a distance.

If the RSSI is remaining in the -40s range or better, signal strength should be sufficient for clear video. There are many other variables to consider when troubleshooting wifi, such as router settings and 2.4 Ghz channels. If the video freeze is still occurring, our support team would be the most helpful for in depth troubleshooting at 800-656-1918. Feel free to update us with results! :slight_smile:

The Ring doorbell quality and reliability is nowhere near as good as the Stick-Up cam, the latter of which I have connected on POE. I have none of these issues with the Stick-Up cam. At dawn the Stick Up Cam is perfect whereas the Doorbell is hazy and in B&W. I am coming to the conclusion it is because the Doorbell relies on WiFi and is simply not up to the job. Hence, unless I have Ethernet connection with the Doorbell the only way to ensure quality is to supplement it with a Stick-Up Cam.