Video feed not working - always stuck on "Activating Device"

The ring gets stuck at “activating device” and rarely ever shows me a video feed. It seems to be at rssi - 70, and if i recall correctly, we tested the speed to be 2.5mb upload and 5mb download. Help!

Hi @mouschi. If you have an RSSI of -70, this is going to explain why your device will not load the Live View. In addition, what device do you have that you are loading the Live View. Most of our devices need 1-2 Mpbs upload speed, and even if you have only this one device, this will mean that you device is having to use all upload speed (or most of it) leaving none of the Mpbs left over for other devices in the home.

Since you most likely have your phone and other devices that are in constant use in the home, these devices will be using the upload speed instead (if not in priority), leaving none for the device to connect, and thus a high RSSI. You can learn more about how to improve your RSSI here.

I moved my router from behind my monitor to above it, and it looks like perhaps it changed it to rssi -65. It allows me to see the video, but I’m just not sure if this is temporary or not … I know in the past sometimes it’d like me connect and other times not. I’m not convinced the move of the router above my monitor is responsible for this. It isn’t like we have a big house - it is 2 story, but only has to travel through 2 doors … my office and the front door.

Going forward, do you suggest I get a wifi extender? I don’t want to get one if that won’t help the situation, but I do need my Ring to work properly. I’m just not sure why we have problems - we can stream movies without any problems whatsoever downstairs on wifi.

@mouschi I’m glad to hear it seems to be good to go for now! It sounds like moving the router up did indeed help, and I’ve heard of other people having relief in moving the router to an upward location to help improve their wifi enabled devices.

I do recommend wifi extender(s), like the Chime Pro, but really of any kind that seems fit for your home. I also recommend that you should purchase them from website like Amazon, and ensure there is a 30 day money back guarantee with it as well. That way, if you find that it does not help or change how your wifi is preforming with the devices connected to it, you can return it and know that it was already as good as it could get! Please note that the Chime Pro will help only Ring devices, but other wifi extenders, like the Eero system, work throughout the entire home.

Hmmm scratch that … it seems to still be spotty about trying to activate. I guess I’ll look for a wifi extender, though admittadly it does seem unfortunte/odd that I’d need to get one given the fact that everything else works fine, and I don’t have a huge house.

@mouschi Another callout to make is the Rapid Ring app as well! Feel free to download this app and see if this helps with the overall performance of loading your Live View. Lastly, on a more personal note, I had to get a wifi extender myself, even though I live in an apartment. Since the walls were so thick and I had several appliances in between my router and the devices in my bedroom, getting a wifi extender helped fabulously with my internet on all devices. I personally used the Eero if that helps you in deciding on one! I would be super happy to hear if the extender helps do the trick to keep it stable for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help - you have been very kind!

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@mouschi Anytime! We’ll always be around when you need us. :smiley_cat: Hope you have a great week and stay healthy and safe!