Video Doorbell Pro, Something went wrong. Unable to select device

My doorbell worked for about a week, then stopped connecting with app, tried removing device and re adding it, but when I try to connect to the open wifi during setup it says “Something went wrong. Unable to select device.” When I look at my wifi list it says Ring-****** Network access denied.

I have disabled the wifi plus, I have tried to reinstall app, I have tried using other devices to setup the doorbell and Im getting the same errors. Am I missing something? Is there something Im missing out?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi @B1GN1K. If possible, can you share a screenshot of this error message you’re receiving during the setup process? Additionally, if you have any VPNs enabled, please disable these before attempting the setup process or using the Ring App as they will impact the connection. You can also find more troubleshooting help for failed setups in our Help Center Article here.