Video Doorbell Pro refusing to set up.


I have had my Video Doorbell Pro for about 1.5 months now and I have not had it working for more than a week at a time, the main reason, to begin with, was a faulty doorbell, then we had issues with Virgin Media Fibre Broadband failing all the time. Virgin blamed the doorbells stating that they are too full of “gadgets” and they are not stable, yes that is Virgin Media’s view on Ring. I had an engineer out who replaced a bit of wire and an adapter and that lasted 18 hours and failed again. No doorbell. Called VM again who again stated that I may have too many Ring items. I pointed out I was allegedly getting up to 200mbps fibre broadband and the doorbell pro used probably 3-4mbps and the stick-up cam’s 3mbps or less so there should be enough to run with…I had an engineer on the phone who stated he had done the tests etc. no issues their end but will send another engineer out, he then suggested I try using a guest network to run everything “Ring” that way nothing should interfere with it. anyway, I was not there but left a note for the girls to explain and ask things re the issues we had and to set up the guest network. The engineer came out and replaced a broken part in the router (Why not replace the thing) he told the girls that it was not possible to have another network on it because it runs 2.4G and 5G “Really” I returned home last night and my phone would connect to the internet and the Video Doorbell was not connected STILL after 2 weeks. My other ring items were not working either so this morning I thought I would try and set up the guest network and I managed that no issues. Now issues I have is I am unable to set any of my Ring items up. out of my 30-day trial I have actually used it for 9 days.

So the issue is I receive a setup failed message and this image (see attached file)

How can I set up my Doorbell, Stickup Cams x 2? I am literally wasting my waking hours trying to sort this out and very close to losing it. I do have wifi via my fibre broadband router which is 8 meters from the doorbell and in between that is a range extender so I do not see how wifi can be an issue, can anyone help, please.

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