Video doorbell not working

I got a P1-70 error message. The doorbell is not working. I took the faceplate off and pressed the button - nothing. In really simple steps, can someone tell me what I need to do? If it matters, it is usually paired with a Chime Pro. Thanks!

Hi @Soodien. Is your Doorbell offline, or which part of it is not working in particular? If your Doorbell is offline, you can reconnect it to wifi by following the steps below:

  1. Tap on the three lines on the top left
  2. Tap Devices
  3. Select doorbell or security camera you need to reconnect to wifi—the next screen should be the Device Dashboard
  4. Tap on Device Health
  5. Tap on Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network

After following the prompts in the Ring app, you should have your Doorbell reconnected to your wifi network. Once you do, check the RSSI on the Device Health page to ensure that your Doorbell is receiving a strong and stable wifi connection.