Video doorbell not charging

I have a relatively new video doorbell, have been using it for almost three months. It is battery powered. I have already charged it previously with no issues, but I am getting some problems the second time around. Battery health is showing 16% and I charged it overnight with it still showing 16% of power. I have changed the charging cords as well as using multiple usb chargers and power outlets with no change. I have a second identical doorbell that charges with the same equipment with zero issues. Is this unit shot already?

Hey @Mugzze. When you charge up the battery and charge it to 100%, is it a green light on the battery when plugged in, or green and orange? You will need to charge it until it’s green to know it’s fully charged. From there, put it back into the Doorbell, and then ding the Doorbell. Give it a few minutes to update the battery percentage, as it may take some time and a couple events to update accordingly. If it cannot update or stays offline, please reach out to our support team here.