Video Doorbell motion detection reduced

I have a Ring video doorbell and its been working great. However recently the motion detection has become hit and miss. Its not notification, its detection. I have troubleshooted, changed the zones, checked my wifi connection and speed - all okay. You sometimes have to be right on top of the doorbell to detect motion, yet bizarrely with the same settings it detects (sometimes) a truck going down the road adjacent to my house. I have motion detection set at standard. I adjusted it to Frequent to test it and walked up and down my path past the doorbell and upto the doorbell. Nothing. Then suddenly it will detect something. Losing faith at the moment. Please help.

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Thank you for sharing all of the steps you’ve attempted @algy999! It certainly looks like you’ve covered all the right bases. Please ensure also, that your Doorbell battery is fully charged.

With everything you’ve checked, I recommend reaching out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Used our Ring Pro for about a year without any issues. It appears to me that recently Ring made changes to the software/firmware/app for motion settings and seriously messed something up! I contacted Ring abotut a week ago and they indicated that they will look into it (they did share that they weren’t aware of any issues; aside from this we haven’t received a response yet). Regardless of how we set the thing (from People Only to the most sensitive level) we now have only two settings – it either detects nothing or it detects everything! In other words it is of no use. We pared down our motion zone (the one that worked flawlessly for a year) and set the sensitivity to the lowst setting (one step above People Only) and it detects things that aren’t even in range like the noise from cars driving by (the zone excludes the street) and we get 15 to 20 alerts per hour! We then set it to People Only and it didn’t even detect someone walking up to our front door! I’m still waiting for a fix from Ring. In my opinion the fix is to reset their firmware and software back to where it was a couple of months ago. If they can’t our Ring will be headed for the trash!

Thanks for your reply. The battery strength is also good. Above 80%. I will give support a call at the weekend.

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I am having the same issue. I have ring doorbell that has the motion field set out to go to my garage and edge of driveway. I have had two events this year where someone walked down my driveway to the back of my house, entered the area where the motion is set to be detected, pick up a chair and folded it up, then picked up another chair and folded it up, stayed in the area for another few minutes, then picked up both now folded chairs and walked away with them. My Ring cam never caught the motion, yet a security cam facing towards the Ring cam did catch it and record it. After the this even I made SURE that the motion area covered the entire area. Then the same thief came back again and stole my two replacement chairs. He spent a good 4 or 5 minutes in the area moving around (these chairs area really hard to fold up), then he grabbed the second one, fold it up, then walked off with them again. And the Ring cam still did not detect any motion, luckily my same security cam did. It appears that the Ring is ONLY detecting motion that goes past it (like when I exit the door) and NOT any motion that approaches it. I have the Rings setup with my Alexa to announce any movement seen, which they do when I exit the door. BUT… (and this is the kicker), the Ring cam DOES detect my lawn man mowing the grass on the other side of my drive OUT OF THE RANGE OF MOTION setup on my Ring cam. This is VERY perplexing. The attachment is a screen shot of the “visitor” with location of the motion detection area and the Ring doorbell are marked.

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Seemingly no one at Ring cares or can figure out how to return their product to functionality. I haven’t heard from them in a week. Terrible customer/technical support! When it was working appropriately we’d get in the area of 10 alerts/day. Now we’re getting more like 50 (and that’s at the lowest sensitivity). Once again I’ve got to say they turned a very beneficial device into a piece of junk! Is anyone from Ring monitoring this community? If so please acknowledge this issue and let us know when we can expect a fix!

Went through testing today with Ring. The device worked as it should. So a little disappointed. Will keep an eye on it

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Having the same trouble, off and on for over a year now. Unit has been installed for almost 2 years. But yesterday, for the 4th time since it was installed, it failed to detect a car that drove through BOTH motion zones.

8:27AM, it picked me up walking out the front door.

~9:00AM, it missed a large SUV driving through both of the zones.

9:58AM, it picked up a car that drove partially into the second zone.

Motion sensitivity is set to one click below “All Motion.”

I have no schedule set up.

It got updated to newest firmware in Sept 2019., but it had another failure event in November 2019 that nobody could explain. Since then, it appeared to be stable, but now I’m wondering.

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on this.

Hey @EddyChesterfield! After using a Ring Video Doorbell for almost 2 years, I can see how it’s concerning that you’ve recently started to experience inconsistent motion detection. It looks like you are on top of things with making sure your Motion Sensitivity is set and you have no schedule set up. This may be a situation where our Support Team can offer assistance and examine a few a few key details that might be causing this. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.