I’ve had the Ring video doorbell 2, for a few years and generally its been fairly trouble free. However, I recently bought the Ring video doorbell MK1 to use in a different location in the same house and I cant get the thing to do much except successfully go through the setup proceedure. The control panel shows good power, health, good wifi but it will not stream video and or communicate in any other way to my tablet etc. You can press the door bell button and the door bell itself will make a noise with the illuminated blue ring but it will not tell anything else that the button has been pressed. I’ve tried rebooting my router but has made no diffference. Not sure what to do now except take it back ?

Hi @PASCOM! I recommend checking the signal strength in the Ring app, for the new Doorbell. This can be found in the Device Health section. If signal and battery level is sufficient, try resetting the device by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. After resetting, the Video Doorbell should allow a setup and work as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: