Video doorbell false positives but misses postman

I have a ring doorbell 3 with a wedge installed hip height on a sloping drive. I’ve set the area to just the drive and yet I get 6+ false positive motion detections per day (killing the battery) and yet it regularly misses the postman and other actual movement please help.

Although I have a 2020 version of the doorbell (not db3) from a conversation I had with support today I believe we have virtually the same device. You need to go with something like a Pro to get significantly different technology.

Having said that - the advice I received today (and which I had come to my own conclusion about earlier) is - don’t mess with the zones. It ain’t worth it. If you insist on motion detection, set the frequency to frequent and the sensitivity to max. Don’t mess with the people only setting. ‘Almost’ go with the default settings.

As I write that I have once again disabled all motion related settings and would be happy if I can simply fine tune this gizmo to simply be a video doorbell…

Oh - and if the postman comes straight at your doorbell it is not going to pick him up. It may pick up motion across the width of your image, not from the lamp post to your door. By design (per my understanding)…

Hi @Vicky. Thanks for attaching the picture of your Motion Zones. I would suggest instead of having one large zone, try making 3 smaller zones that cover the same area. This aids in more accurate motion detection. Additionally, adjusting your Motion Frequency will also ensure you don’t miss any motion events. You may also benefit from adding a Wedge to your Doorbell as well. After these adjustments are made, try seeing how the performance is over the next few days. I hope this helps!

Yes Vicky - please make the 3 zone change that Tom suggests. Then go out to the lamp post in front of your house and walk to your door.

Please let us know how that works for you. Thanks.