Video doorbell failed to activate when needed

So, six months after buying our doorbell and it working ok… today it failed.

We had a package delivered. It sat in our porch. The doorbell picked up garbage delivery, neighbours walking… then nothing.

It didn’t pick up our package being picked up by someone else. It didn’t pick up when we came home. It did pick up us coming out the front door to find no package.

Either it didnt activate when needed, or someone is deleting activity from my app. What gives???

Hey @Savvyvb. Happy to help here so you can avoid this for the future! What are you Motion Zones settings (any zones off, and what is your min-max slider at) and Motion Frequency set to? In addition, what does your Live View look like and what Doorbell do you have?

Hi Chelsea,

The motion sensor settings are all set to what was recommended by your colleagues. The battery on my device only lasts a few weeks so I was advised to reduce them all.

Not that it has made a difference to battery life. Further, the device picks up plenty of activity. It picks up cars parking on the other side of the road. It picks up when people walk up the adjoining driveway. It picks up all parcel deliveries.

But on Friday it did not pick up that same parcel getting stolen. It also did not pick up us driving into the driveway- which is in full view of the doorbell. Your staff suggested it was an internet issue so I now have my provider investigating whether or not we were compromised, given it seems to supposedly have not worked at the exact same time as we were being robbed.

We have since contacted a security system and hope to replace our useless doorbell with something that delivers as promised. I would return the doorbell if I still could.

@Savvyvb Thank you for the follow up and extra details on how you have everything set up. I appreciate you taking the time to provide me your feedback as well, even if this wasn’t the best experience for you. I will make sure to pass this information onto the appropriate teams as we are always looking to make the experience better for our neighbors and future neighbors down the line. Again, I’m still happy to look more into this if you can give me exact details, and it sounds like you’ve followed up with our support team on this as well.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!


This happened to me yesterday. At approx 12.30am the catalytic converter was stolen from my car but no video was taken, nothing. I too experience the camera filming all kinds of stuff like cars driving by etc, but not this one time it was needed.

My concern is that the criminals disabled it somehow, but its not much use if it does not record the only time there is an actual crime taking place, right in front of it.