Video Doorbell 3 - Rings every 4 hours

My video doorbell or chime system rings every 4 hours now. Not sure why.

My son cut the wire out of the speaker by my door. The beeping stops, but now the video doorbell goes off line after the battery drains. So obviously, that wire shouldn’t have been cut.

Who can I get to help me fix this situation?

Hi @user11981. It’s hard to speculate what was causing the ringing initially, possibly something with the wiring needed to be adjusted. Since some wires have since been cut, you may need to consult a qualified electrician to replace anything that was cut. They can also help ensure that the Video Doorbell 3 is wired into your doorbell system correctly. You can reference the installation instructions for the Doorbell 3 in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile: