Video Doorbell 3 Plus - Stopped working after 14 days


Bought a Video Doorbell 3 Plus 14 days ago. I’m on Virgin 1Gbps service and the router is 12ft away from the doorbell with only a window in the way. I’ve also got an extender right next to the front door. Using, I get 500Mbps when stood next to the doorbell.

So far, it’s been ok. Not the best but no real issues.

  • However at 16:00 today (5 hours ago), it has just stopped working.
  • No live view (I get the “Activating Device” message and a spinning circle).
  • Device health shows battery was at 33% at that point
  • RSSI was at 68 (has been higher without issue)
  • I ring the doorbell, get the chime but nothing on my phone
  • I have reset my router and still nothing
  • I have a Google Nest in the conservatory, 30ft away behind a wall and a door and the connection is fine.
  • I can go to the bottom of my garden and still connect to my wifi to stream football
  • I have dropped all devices that were connected to the router to make sure nothing was hogging bandwidth.

Is my best bet to return the product and get a new one or just go with another brand? It’s pointless having it if the thing you bought it for doesn’t actually work.

Any advice would be welcome - at the moment I have a £200 doorbell that doesn’t work.

Sorry to hear about this, @rockgeek. Thank you for sharing your experience in great detail.

The first factor that stands out here is the RSSI. Although you mentioned the Doorbell working with a higher RSSI, a reading of -68 is an indicator of wifi signal interference. Check out our Community post about RSSI for insight on sufficient signal readings and tips on optimizing.

Excellent work checking on bandwidth, network resources, and battery level. Improving the signal strength should certainly improve operation, and allow your VIdeo Doorbell to reconnect and remain connected. Feel free to check out our Chime Pro, for extending wifi signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting back, however, the issue is with the doorbell.

The router is 12ft away from the doorbell with only a window in the way. On my old phone, I can get 100Mbps in the garden some 20m away through 4 walls and glass. I just bought a £200 router that is even closer to the doorbell and it’s made hardly any difference.

The issue *has* to be with the doorbell. Everything else in the home (and outside) connects without issue.

I’m not spending £200 on an ornament that doesn’t work.


This certainly should be working, especially with the resources you described. Although the RSSI is reading some interference, your google mesh network sounds to be providing plenty of bandwidth and is not being blocked by major interferences. Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app, just to ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device. I recommend also ensuring this Video Doorbell is connected to 2.4 Ghz, rather than the 5 Ghz frequency.

Another step worth trying is charging the battery and testing operation while in the home, with a newly charged battery. If the Video Doorbell is still not functioning, please perform a reset by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. If this concern persist, it may require a more in-depth look from our support team. Please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

Strangely this isn’t too disimilar from what we’re experiencing & I just posted in a new thread - it’s only a few weeks old, works fine & now all of a sudden it’s reporting poor wifi when phone tests standing next to it are all ok. Did you get it resolved?