Video Doorbell 3 Plus charging


Are any of the current solar charger products compatible with the doorbell 3 plus? I think some of the new features do drain the battery of this unit a little faster than the older ones.

Great question, @BranSul ! Here is a link to the Solar Charger for Video Doorbell 3 & Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Let us know if you purchase and how you like it :slight_smile:

Hey Jennifer,

I did buy it, and since you asked me to tell you how it went, I decided to reply.

I love my ring doorbell! However I think the 3 does discharge battery faster than older units because of the added features. Sadly the solar charger doesn’t seem to be super helpful.

Unfortunately there is an overhang at my door where I live which blocks sunlight for part of the day. However it is summertime, so it does still get at least some direct sunlight. I expected better results, it doesn’t seem to charge to be honest. I can’t say for sure it doesn’t help AT ALL but I have never seen the state of charge increase. To be honest it would be helpful if in the app it could detect that there was an additional power source so I would know for sure that I connected it perfectly.

But again, I am a HUGE fan of Ring itself, I think Ring’s doorbells are the best of the best in this product category. I think just having a spare battery is going to be a better solution for me, though, after all the spare battery is pretty affordable as well :slight_smile:

@BranSul Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Wanted to pass on some additional bits of information you may find helpful. For the solar charger, it will need 4 hours of direct sunlight to allow a trickle charge of about 10% into the battery. If you find you’re in a too shaded area of it’s not getting 4 hours of that direct sunlight, that could be why you don’t see too much of a charge! Additionally, if you go into the Device Health section of the Ring app, if the solar panel is installed and functioning, it will show that there is a solar panel connected here. If you do not see that, then that could also be why you don’t see much of a charge! I do also agree with the spare battery idea, as I have the same for my Peephole Cam so that when it’s low I can easily swap it out. :slight_smile:

In the event the Device Health section isn’t showing the solar panel as connected, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Hi Chelsea,

I wanted to give everybody an update.

The app didn’t initially show that the solar charger was connected, but now after a few days it does. I am not sure why — maybe the app updated itself.

Either way, I can now confirm it is now connected. I also wanted to tell people that I now feel I was wrong — I have noticed a noticeable improvement in that the battery is slower to discharge. It is not 100% effective — it doesn’t charge back up to 100%. But especially as the days got to be a bit sunnier over the past few weeks, it is definitely helping a good amount.

It will slow down the need to change the battery at a minimum. So I feel much better now and I’ve decided to keep it :slight_smile:

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