Video Doorbell 3 Plus charges but does not ring

We just bought a Video Doorbell 3 Plus – works great! We replaced an existing conventional doorbell so it has hardwired power. I can see it appears to be charging fine. I had the doorbell running on battery inside our home for a few days before installing it, so the battery level had dropped into the 80% range – after being connected to the hardwired connection for three days, it is now reading at 94%.

The only question I have is that when you push the button, the wall-mounted bell in our living room doesn’t chime now. I do get the alert on my phone so the system is working properly. When using a Ring doorbell in place of a conventional doorbell, does it not send a ring signal back to an old-style bell?

I looked at the transformer in our basement that’s providing power — according to the label, it supplies 10VA 16V. I’m not electrically savvy so I hope that makes sense.

I was thinking of getting a Ring Chime for the basement anyway so I could just get a second one for upstairs if I have to. I just thought the old-style bell would still work?

Hey @Urza311. When you touch the two wires for the existing Doorbell setup together, do the wires trigger your in-home bell to go off? If it does, then this shows that the wiring is good and should trigger the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus to go off, but it’s possible if the internal doorbell is old that it may not be compatible with the Doorbell 3 Plus to trigger that chime in home. Nonetheless, I do recommend grabbing a second Chime then, so that way you can have it set up near the old in-home bell to give you that ding you’re looking for! :slight_smile: