Video Doorbell 3 Lost motion warnings

I have the video doorbell 3 and its been working fine for about 2 years now. Its not hardwired and has never been hardwired and the motion warnings have always worked until recently.

I have tried to do a factory reset on the device. I have removed the app and deleted from alexa app to do a reinstall from scratch but that didnt work. I cant get the motion warnings to work in either app. It does record motion fine. Its just not giving me the warnings anymore

It now keeps saying that “the device doesnt support motion warnings”. How is it that it was working fine since ive had it for about 2 years and now its not supported? Is this some kind of update that was done or is the doorbell shot?

Thanks for any info…

Door bell 3 dosen’t ring my phone anymore. Records video fine. Checked all the phone volumns, airplane mode, wi fi, ring tones.

Hi @JNAV. Are you referencing the Motion Warnings described in this Help Center article here? This is a notification that says, “Hi, you are currently being recorded” from the Ring Devices speaker. This feature has not been around for long, so I’m curious to see what feature you are referencing.

Hi @user10090. Try creating a new post for your specific issue, as it appears it may be different that the OP.