Video doorbell 2 wont connect to Orbi mesh

Hello, i bought this product some time ago and found that i was never able to connect it to my orbi mesh system. Thankfully i still have my virgin media hub still radiating also and that worked.

That said, its not been a great relationship. It takes forever for any notification to get to my device and so by the time i do get the notification the person has gone. I have tested this by ringing the doorbell and then waiting an age before my device (iphone) is informed.

Even that I have turned a blind eye to for sometime but now I am looking to invest in a security system and my first thought was Ring! I almost bought the floodlight cam as the first of my security upgrades today but stopped myself because of these connectivity issues.

  1. Why does the doorbell not connect to my orbi? It has a strong signal throughout the house and radiates both 2.4ghz and 5ghz

  2. When will you provide a firmware fixthat will support 5Ghz? 2.4Ghz is soooo oldskool!

  3. If I did expand on the ring security solution am i to expect the same troubles as i do currently?

Hey there, @Frezon. Sometimes a router can refuse a connection because of certain security protocols that are set on the router. This may be why your Ring Doorbell cannot connect to your Orbi system, so please read up on ports and protocols here. If it’s still unable to connect, it may be a good idea to reach out to Orbi about this.

Most Ring devices are designed to function with a 2.4GHz WiFi signal for the best range. We do have some devices, like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, that does work with a 5.0GHz WiFi Signal. You can find more information aboutimproving WiFi signals here.

Overall, my hunch is that, once you get the Ring Video Doorbell 2 connected your Orbi, it should be simple to add the others.

I’m sorry, but this has been going on for a while with many of Ring customers. Is there a plan to make ring compatible with Orbi rather than passing the buck to the other company?

Very frustrated. I have 5 cameras in my property and the ring security system. At this point, I don’t trust any of them, including the security system. Please help.

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Hey, there’s definitely an issue with Ring and Orbi. The good news is there is a confirmed workaround that I confirm is working.

Please check out post #2 on this thread

I personally followed from step #7 as my Orbi was already setup and I couldn’t be bothered for the more advanced steps. My Ring spotlights and Door Bell 2 work fine now with Orbi.

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The recommended solution people are pointing to in this thread includes changing the NAT settings from SECURE to OPEN. This also, from my testing, appears to be the change that actually fixes the issue (the other changes on their own don’t seem to correct it, at least not for me).

Given than Ring is in the security business, it is unacceptable for you to be endorsing a solution that weakens the security of people’s Internet routers and thus their internal home networks.

How is this still an issue? I just bought an entire Orbi router and satellites. Every device easily installed EXCEPT my ring doorbell no longer works.