Video Doorbell 2 with battery and solar charger?

I have a video doorbell 2 and a solar charger not yet installed. I wanted to know if I can hardwire the doorbell to the chime and install it on the solar charger. That would give me hardwired plus battery plus solar charger.

Is that all compatible?

Hey @wrkeen. You can most definitely do that! A lot of neighbors will have their Doorbell already hardwired to the existing doorbell’s setup in order to hear the chime throughout their home from their internal chime kit, and then add a solar panel to extend their battery life. Feel free to give it a try and you’ll be loving the added benefits of having both! If you need any help during installation, feel free to give our support team a call here.


Thanks for the reply. I am a bit confused though. On the website, there is a link that says the Ring solar charger is not compatible with the Ring Video 2 doorbell.

I’m now left wondering if they are referring to a solar charger like the one used for cameras or the phone solar charger.

@wrkeen That may be where the confusion lies! We have different solar chargers for all our devices. We also have a Ring Video Doorbell Solar Charger and a Ring Video Doorbell 2 Solar Charger, as they are different for each Doorbell device. Here is the direct link to the Ring Video Doorbell 2’s solar charger:

When I hook my Ring 2 doorbell up with the solar charger and hardwired it stays on all the time