Video Doorbell 2 Sound Quality Issue Since Day One

I bought the Ring Video Doorbell 2 at the end of November 2019 with the intention of buying the rest of ring suite of products if it worked out. It did not. I’ve had sound quality issue since I first inserted the battery. It’s very choppy and no one can be heard or understood at either end. If you walk up, ring the doorbell and start talking, the recorded audio is useless when listed to on the website or app. The same goes for any mobile device you try to use. I’m hoping someone on here might have a suggestion I haven’t tried yet because I’m ready to throw this thing in the garbage and switch brands.

  • Video is perfect.
  • It’s mounted at the front door of a tiny 800 square foot house built in the 1950’s.
  • It’s on battery power. There is no transformer line from the fuse box.
  • In addition to just listening on the website I’ve tried 4 smartphones, 2 android tablets and an iPad.
  • Ring support replaced it a month ago after I spent over an hour on the phone with their tech support (which should have only taken 15 minutes, UGH!). It still has the exact same issuse.
  • It’s been factory reset more times than I can count.
  • As an experiment and a last resort, I ran a long cat6 cable from the wall jack so my router would be away from anything that might cause interference. I removed the doorbell from my front door and placed it so that it was leaning right up against the router. No other devices plugged in or around it. I turned off as many WiFi devices in the house as I could. I installed a fresh battery. I reset them both to factory defaults. I STILL had the sound quality issues.
  • RSSI was 45 last I checked
  • Bandwidth speeds in this urban area are supprisingly bad but I at least get over 10 Mbps down and over 1 Mbps up. (I known 2 Mbps up is desired) All the ring doorbell footage from my close neighboors shared on the app all have excelect audio quality.
  • Internet is supplied though an ATT supplied Motorolla/Arris NVG510 VDSL router. It’s very old but has up to date firmware. This is the most likely suspect in my investigation and one of the few variables I haven’t replaced. I’m trinking of replacing it with a new model I would purchase myself assuming ATT will allow it. However, I don’t want to spend the money and go through the hassle of installing it if it’s not the culprit.
  • I’m going to try connceting to a mobile hotspot on a Samsung Galaxy 8+ later today to test the router/modem theory.
  • I’ve tried connecting through the Chime Pro and the router. It doesn’t make a difference.
  • There are not that many other WiFi devices around according to a Net Analyzer scanner app. Channel doesn’t seem to matter either and I’m pretty sure it gets auto-switched anyway.

The initial purpose of this thing was to allow my 72 y/o father to answer the door remotely and at this point he wants me to buy a Nest+Pay to have the transformer installed and run through the walls.

Does anyone have ANY thoughts or ideas??? I’m at my wits end with this thing.

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In case anyone has gone through what I have, here’s the solution.

Connecting the device through my phone’s mobile hotspot cured the audio issues. BINGO!

I turned my ISP (AT&T) provided modem/router into a bridge/passthrough device and purchased a $50 Linksys E900 router. The sound issues are about 90% fixed and my dad can answer the door without getting up. I am not sure ring support would offer this up as solution to others but it worked for me.

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